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The village effect. Award-winning Canadian author and psychologist, Susan Pinker, is part of the Cycling Without Age community. In her book “The Village Effect” Pinker explores how in-person social contact is one of the keys to happiness and health throughout one’s life. She talks about the need for intergenerational contact and the value of interactions with diverse groups of people. Pinker believes that getting out on a trishaw is exactly what social integration is all about.

Pinker suggests the pandemic has shown how programs like Cycling Without Age are needed now more than ever. It allows seniors and people with mobility issues to escape from the bricks and mortar that have become their world and see and be seen in the outside world.  Teddy Katz, Caregiver Magazine

Life can and should be full of happiness at every age and ability!


Perhaps the greatest gift is that of your time and talents. Volunteering is personal, it’s noble, it’s rewarding…yes, rewarding! There is a secret that all volunteers come to realize fairly quickly, and that is the volunteer receives as much from the act of volunteering as does the recipient. At Cycling Without Age, we have witnessed countless times that our pilots return from their bike rides as refreshed, energized, and enthusiastic as the people whom they are giving the rides. More often than not, a unique bond develops between the pilot and their passengers, an emotional closeness, if you will, in the sharing of stories, anecdotes, and even songs that may influence positive attitudes and well-being that benefit both sides.  See our Local Chapters page to find the right volunteer opportunity for you.

Corporate Giving

Choosing the right cause, telling the right story, and building the right community investment strategy is a challenging job. Cycling Without Age leads the way in demonstrating how we can fight against social isolation at a global level while solving the problem at a local level where your employees work and live. We are uniquely positioned to help you scale your strategy be it employee volunteering, team building events, bike donations, or corporate sponsorship. At Cycling Without Age, we pride ourselves on our ability to redefine the cost-to-impact ratio, read our stories, download a campaign or contact us to find out how.


Who doesn’t want their brand associated with delivering smiles? Demonstrate firsthand how much you care about those in your community by playing a key role in furthering our mission to enhance the quality of life for all Canadians one bicycle ride at a time. Choose from one of our sponsorship packages and join in on the fun!


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Visit our Care Homes or Community Groups and be inspired by the number of successful groups creating smiles and helping fight isolation. See how they have banded together to create a world where everyone can be an active part of society and experience life beyond the confines of their homes or residences.