The right to wind in their hair

Cycling Without Age (visit the site and view the video) is an international program in 50+ countries for mobility challenged people, mostly seniors. We aim to help them enjoy the fresh air and scenery of their surroundings from the front of a trishaw while travelling along multi-use trails and low traffic roads. We break our passengers free from social isolation and make them smile. Bring back their memories and let them be part of society again, thereby renewing their appetite for life itself. It is not only about the passengers but also about giving the pilots, the volunteers, the opportunity to join a team of like-minded people working together to improve the lives of others.

Click this link to view a North Shore Trishaw Ride

Chapter News
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CWA Northshore Facebook Page

Family Forest Ride Invitation
Cycling Without Age – North Shore offers FREE trishaw rides for mobility challenged people. This year we are offering weekend rides on forest trails (see the photo below) for families who have a mobility challenged member. These rides will take place on the Demonstration Forest Trail in the Lower Seymour Conservation Reserve (LSCR) and in the Lynn Creek Forest commencing at Bridgeman Park. Both locations are suitable for a family picnic, with rides taking place at convenient times. A typical ride would take 30 minutes. We will have two trishaws available so we can transport up to 4 people on each ride. So, pack a picnic basket or a flask of coffee and some treats and join us on one of the dates below. We will take your elder family member on a ride to remember with their child or grandchild.

The rides are scheduled to take place between 11:00 am and 3:00pm on the following dates:

May – Saturday 20th and Sunday 21st – Bridgeman Park.
June – Saturday 24th and Sunday 25th – LSCR
July – Saturday 22nd and Sunday 23rd – Bridgeman Park
August – Saturday 26th and Sunday 27th – LSCR
September – Saturday 23rd and Sunday 24th – Bridgeman ParkPlease book your ride at least 2 weeks in advance so we can confirm that we have Pilots available to entertain you on the ride. Call Silver Harbour: 604 980 2474 to book your ride.Rides for mobility challenged people living in their own homes, also can be arranged by calling Silver Harbour. These would depart from our other pickup points at Ambleside Park, The Shipyards and Mahon Park.

About Us
Cycling Without Age North Shore is a program of Silver Harbour Seniors’ Activity Centre in North Vancouver. We offer free rides, on the equipment shown in the photo to mobility challenged people of all ages, commencing in the Spring of 2023. To view a video introducing our service click the link North Shore Trishaw Ride. For a report on our progress in 2022 see our report here. Thanks to the support of very generous donors, we have acquired three trishaws and a cargo trailer to serve as a mobile base. These allow us to offer a full program of rides on the Spirit Trail, Green Necklace, Lower Seymour Conservation Reserve (LSCR) Trail and the other routes. Our routes and pickup points are shown on the map. Click here to view the map.

Book your ride
We are currently contacting care residences to offer rides and also invite people living in their own homes to call Silver Harbour: 604 980 2474 and provide your contact details, so we can register you to receive invitations to book rides from one of our pickup points. We are starting a transportation program to provide rides from passengers’ residences to our pickup points.

Volunteer Pilots and Drivers Needed
We are actively looking for volunteers, including pilots and drivers for spring and summer 2023. If you are interested, please don’t hesitate to contact us by email.

Donations to help with the $3,000 cost of continuing our operations in 2023 are much appreciated. Please click the link here to donate.

The North Shore Team

Annwen Loverin, Executive Director, Silver Harbour
Ian Rose-Innes, Chairman
Vacant, Safety and Quality Assurance Officer
Mark MacAulay, Maintenance Manager
Ernie Bodie, Operations Manager
Vacant, Volunteer Coordinator
Kathy Tixier, Volunteer Liaison
David Sandles, Passenger Partnership Manager
Gerrit van der Merwe, IT Manager
Jane Reid, West Vancouver Neighbourhood Chapter Manager
Leslie Mak, Social Media Manager

You can reach us by email at:

Organizations helping us through providing operational support in various forms include:

Park Royal

Donor Acknowledgement

Platinum ($15,000 – $10,000) Donors:

Trishaw – Gavin Bamber, North Vancouver

Trishaw – Donated in Loving Memory of Mike Smith who inspired this chapter

Gold ($5,000 to $1,000) Donors:

Robert and Margaret Bear, Vancouver

Kent and Gerry Bubbs, West Vancouver
Don and Lesley McPherson, North Vancouver

And Many Anonymous Donors


Silver ($750 to $250) Donors:

Hamish Kerr, West Vancouver
Ian Rose-Innes, North Vancouver
Ernest Bodie, West Vancouver
Irene Dougans, West Vancouver
Jeremy Haile, North Vancouver
Graham McIsaac, West Vancouver
Mark MacAulay, North Vancouver
Michael Cormack, West Vancouver
Bruce Rose-Innes, Vancouver
Neil and Dot Heidstra, North Vancouver
Elizabeth Lloyd, North Vancouver
Deep Cove Lions CLub
Many HUB North Shore members
Ann Maureen McKernan
Agnes Rossel
Sheila Kerr
Sheridan Lister
And many Anonymous Donors


Bronze ($100 to $25) Donors:

Lois Ross, West Vancouver
Peter Scholefield, West Vancouver
Dianne Murray, North Vancouver
Merle Lister, West Vancouver
Arnie Mohr, Cape Town, South Africa
Chris Heming, West Vancouver
Sally Sutherland, North Vancouver
June Patterson, North Vancouver
Mary Eggertson, West Vancouver
Marcel de Booy, Vancouver
Joan Deeks, West Vancouver
Julie Robinson, West Vancouver
Donald Allan, West Vancouver
David Insley, North Vancouver
Ian Walton, West Vancouver
Carol Campbell, North Vancouver
Elizabeth Guilbride, West Vancouver
Deborah Maloon, West Vancouver
Kathy Riley, West Vancouver
Cedric Carter, West Vancouver
Phyllis Ferguson, North Vancouver
Thor Hugdahl, North Vancouver
Leslie Calder, Vancouver
Heather Ireland, West Vancouver
Joan Cockell, North Vancouver
Ann Thur, North Vancouver
Dave Perfitt, North Vancouver
Heather Drugge, North Vancouver
Tony Valente, North Vancouver
Brook Davison, North Vancouver
Antje Wahl, North Vancouver
Nancy & Don Piercy, North Vancouver
Desmond Bell, North Vancouver
Silverline Security Locksmith Ltd.
Summerhill PARC
Speedbolt Printing Solutions
Jan Hancock
Rob Leeson, Langley
And many Anonymous Donors