About the Penticton Chapter

Cycling Without Age works to improve the lives of the elderly in Penticton by promoting intergenerational relationships and providing seniors with an opportunity to connect with neighbours, nature, and fresh air.

OneSky Community Resources manages the program thanks to a remarkable group of almost 50 volunteers. Neil Pritchard started the Penticton Chapter after seeing a YouTube video of a pre-med student in Scotland running the program in his community. Neil wanted to start the program after caring for his mother and seeing how important it was for her spirit and wellness to just get out and be with people.

The Penticton Chapter is one of the most successful programs in North America, and last year, the volunteers provided 1,350 rides. We also partner with local seniors residences to promote the program and ensure participants can enjoy Penticton’s beautiful outdoors.

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Chapter Updates

The Penticton chapter has big plans 2020! Two more trishaws will be joining our fleet and we aim to be delivering 800 rides a month for a total of 5,000 rides for Penticton Seniors in the year!

At just under 1350 rides in 2019, CWA International has observed that the Penticton chapter is providing more rides per year than any other city in North America. That’s a pretty impressive performance for a community of 34,000 people!


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