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Meet HB CWA’s Volunteer of the Month for June – George

Congratulations George on being selected as June’s Volunteer of the Month.

HB CWA – How did you find out about CWA HB?
George – In March I saw a CWA posting on Facebook asking for volunteers to be trishaw pilots and guides.

HB CWA – What made you decide to volunteer with CWA HB?
George– The CWA trishaw program sounded like a very worthwhile initiative to benefit the community. Also, it sounded like a fun activity for the summer.

HB CWA – Can you share a positive story about volunteering with CWA HB?
George – I remember after the outdoor training session we took the trishaw back to the parking spot at Leander. This was at the beginning of the season so there were various operational details to be ironed out in terms of parking the trishaw at the end of each day, recharging the batteries, and then getting the trishaw back out and ready to serve clients the next morning. We all just put our heads together and bounced around a few ideas, and collectively came up with some ideas for Nancy to formalize. There was a strong cooperative community feel to the process.

HB CWA – What would you want potential volunteers or donors to know about CWA HB?
George – You can have fun while making a tremendous contribution to your community, especially the seniors who will get so much more out of the experience than the small effort it takes us to put into it.

HB CWA – What are some of your other passions and pastimes?
George – I enjoy cycling out in the country, both solo and in groups. And I enjoy introducing other cyclists to the fun of group rides.

MIRA Event – Inclusive Spaces for Aging Well – May 26, 2022

McMaster Institute for Research on Aging (MIRA) will be holding a free public talk on Inclusive Spaces for Aging Well. CWA Hamilton & Burlington is proud to have our own Jill Axisa as one of eight engaging speakers who will present TED-style talks on how we can create inclusive spaces for aging well. speaking on behalf of our our program at the event. Click here for additional details and tickets.

Meet HB CWA’s Volunteer of the Month for May – Geoffrey

An organization is nothing without the amazing people who volunteer to make it a success. This month’s volunteer of the month is Geoffrey, who is not only a pilot, he’s a trainer for all our new pilots as well! We asked him some questions to get to know him better and what motivated him to join the HB crew.

HB CWA – How did you find out about CWA HB?
Geoffrey – I found out about CWA HB Sept 2021, from my wife who forwarded me info from one of her Cycling Hamilton Facebook feeds because I am not on FB. I had seen CWA’s founder Ole Klassow’s TEDx Copenhagen talk in 2013 when I retired from teaching elementary school and was researching all things bicycle on YouTube. Imagine how thrilled I was to discover my new home of Hamilton/Burlington had a fledgling chapter! I then saw the article in the Spec and also came out to the fall orientation sessions.

HB CWA – What made you decide to volunteer with CWA HB?
Geoffrey – I believe strongly in the magic that can happen when you pair seniors with younger people (something I witnessed regularly in my teaching career) and I am a 365 day all weather bicycle rider who loves the connection that cycling brings to our natural environment. Cycling Without Age makes these magical connections happen for seniors, breaking down the isolation walls that have sapped mental health, especially during Covid.

HB CWA – Can you share a positive story about volunteering?
Geoffrey– While attending the CWA advisory meetings and assisting on the training sessions, I have been amazed at the enthusiasm and dedication of our volunteer board members, pilots and coordinators. They come from such different life experiences to make magic happen in seniors lives. A common thread aside from their willingness to help is the desire to engage socially with community and share their love of “having the wind in their hair”.

HB CWA – What would you want potential volunteers or donors to know about CWA HB?
Geoffrey – With a little bit of training, working the Trishaw is easy! It is solid and safe and easier than your own bike because you don’t have to balance. The power assist does the work so you can fully engage with your client senior, chatting about landmarks, nature, wildlife and experiences they may have had that overlap with yours.

HB CWA – What are your passions and past-times?
Geoffrey – I am a passionate organic gardener (currently building 6 raised bed boxes in our new home) and I love cooking meals from scratch. I hope to maybe take up playing Euphonium again in a concert band when Covid settles down. We love being walking distance to both our children and our grandkids and do kidcare support once or twice a week. When life allows, I plan and go Bike packing adventures.

April 2022 Newsletter

Please click here to see our April 2022 Newsletter

Mission, Vision and Guiding Principles – March 2022

The CWA Hamilton & Burlington Advisory Team have developed and approved the Mission, Vision and Guiding Principles for the chapter. This will be posted under our “About Us” page and is also available as a download here.

Pilot Handbook – March 2022

Our Pilot Handbook can be found here.

March 2022 Newsletter

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Annual Impact Report – 2021

Please click here to see our 2021 Annual Impact Report

Valentine’s Day Fundraiser – February 10, 2022

On Sunday February 13, 2022, between 11am and 4pm at William’s on the Waterfront Trail – come hitch a fresh air ride with your sweetheart and support future programming for your neighbours with limited mobility. This is your chance to experience first-hand what the Tri-shaw ride is really like and our brand new ‘duffle blanket’ (see photo) will keep you cozy and comfortable as you tour the waterfront. Come down to William’s Fresh Café at 47 Discovery Drive, between 11am and 4pm to book your 20 minute ride! Suggested donation $10 per ride.

To learn more about CWA Hamilton or to make a donation now, please visit our donation pageby clicking here.

Note: In addition to Public Health Guidelines and to respect our volunteers, please wear a mask or face covering while boarding and off boarding the Tri-shaw. Waivers and satisfactory completion of a Covid Screening Questionnaire are required for all passengers.

***BREAKING NEWS*** January 6, 2022

CWA Hamilton/Burlington just received $16,500 in donations!

Hello friends,
Tammy and I wanted to share this exciting news and call to action with you. Yesterday some friends from the Hamilton West Mountain donated $16,500 towards getting a second trishaw ‘on the road’. The order has been placed!

Here’s the call to action for you – can you make a financial donation so that we can completely fund the second trishaw and have it ready to roll for Spring 2022?

Here is the math –
  Trishaw – delivered $ 15,975  
  Mirror and battery $ 1,508  
  Insurance for Trishaw $ 1,417  
  Liability Insurance for Pilots (estimated) $ 1,600  
  Total cost to get Trishaw on the road $ 20,500  
  Donation(s) received to date -$ 16,500  
  Amount left to raise $ 4,000  

Donations can be made to New Hope Community Bikes by clicking the link below. And don’t forget to indicate your donation is for CWA.

Donate NHCB

In other news, we have created an advisory team and we have been working on the plan for 2022. Soon we’ll be sending you more information about pilot training, and other volunteer positions that we need for our program. And don’t forget we are still looking for a location to safely store the first Trishaw near the Waterfront Trail, and now a place on the Hamilton Mountain as well. Stay safe!


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Volunteer Pilots Needed
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