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A Significant Loss for the HB CWA Family

Thursday September 29, 2022 was a sad day for our CWA chapter. Our cofounder, who along with Nancy has guided our chapter from the very beginning – Jill Axisa, passed away.

Jill was passionate about her community and a faithful friend to many as you can read here in her obituary.

It was Jill’s perseverance that strengthened Nancy’s resolve to keep working on starting the CWA chapter even when the cause seemed hopeless. Even in November 2018, when Jill and Nancy organized the first ‘try a trishaw’ and it poured rain, it was Jill that pulled it together and had us riding around one of McMaster’s underground garages in a prototype trishaw.

Jill supported the project in many ways, from making presentations to various organizations, to connecting Nancy to researchers at McMaster. Jill made her last presentation on May 26, 2022 as a speaker at a McMaster hosted public panel called ‘Inclusive Design on Active Aging’. Without a doubt she was the best speaker.
(Click here if you would like to see the presentation.)

The pictures below show Jill in November 2018 on that rainy day, and in May 2022 when we had so much fun with our own trishaw, down at the waterfront taking pictures for the upcoming panel presentation.

Jill, we will miss you dearly, and thanks for all your support.

September 2022 Newsletter

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Thank you Project SPOTLIGHT

CWA has been fortunate to have Project SPOTLIGHT support the creation of the following video’s highlighting the work of our CWA Hamilton-Burlington organization.
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August 2022 Newsletter

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Meet HB CWA’s Volunteer of the Month for August – Dawnelle

Congratulations Dawnelle on being selected as August’s Volunteer of the Month.

HB CWA – How did you find out about CWA HB?
Dawnelle – I was writing and editing for the McMaster Retirees Newsletter. Nancy’s article on CWA was one of the articles that came across my “desk” and I was intrigued by both the concept and the possibility of volunteering.

HB CWA – What made you decide to volunteer with CWA HB?
Dawnelle– I feel so grateful for everything that I have in life that I want always to pay it forward. I have done a few different types of volunteering (more recently with Habitat internationally and locally). My heart is with children (who are my bravest heroes) and people with disabilities, physically or mentally. CWA was one more way to give of my time and spread joy.

HB CWA – Can you share a positive story about volunteering with CWA HB?
Dawnelle– That is hard to tease out. Every time I volunteer I learn something new from passengers, other volunteers, and people associated with CWA. They are all terrific.
I suppose the most recent positive story was with a resident from Shalom whom I thought was the same age as my mother. My mother died very young and I grieve over her decades later. This passenger was more than happy to accommodate my “adoption” of her as my surrogate mother. She had a birthday recently and a number of volunteers came out to help celebrate, decorate and accompany her on her ride. She is bright and alert (but isn’t as old as she had originally said!!) and I felt an instant kinship with her.😊

HB CWA – What would you want potential volunteers or donors to know about CWA HB?
Dawnelle – Volunteering with CWA is an immensely gratifying experience. I mean, who wouldn’t want to share our love of outdoors and movement with people who may be less mobile or less mentally aware? Passengers respond to each trip in similar positive fashion…delight with the ride and general amazement that it is FREE! How better to brighten someone’s day than with fresh air, engaging conversation, and personal care? How fortunate we are to have people willing to invest both time and money into such a worthwhile cause!

HB CWA – What are some of your other passions and pastimes?
Dawnelle – It will come as a shock to NO ONE that I have a passion for the outdoors, particularly cycling and water activities (SUP, kayaking, and swimming). It is my “Zen” place, my meditation. While others on my path may wear headphones or be distracted by cell phones, nature herself is my “music.” This kind of calm happens to me especially at Bayfront or at the Waterfront Trail in Burlington, where chirping of birds, lapping of water, wind in trees, sun on your face – all the senses are stimulated. It is an indescribable feeling of joy for me.
Other passions? Working out with weights and practicing yoga. Until 2021, I taught fitness classes in these disciplines.

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MIRA Event – Inclusive Spaces for Aging Well – May 26, 2022

McMaster Institute for Research on Aging (MIRA) will be holding a free public talk on Inclusive Spaces for Aging Well. CWA Hamilton & Burlington is proud to have our own Jill Axisa as one of eight engaging speakers who will present TED-style talks on how we can create inclusive spaces for aging well. speaking on behalf of our our program at the event. Click here for additional details and tickets.

April 2022 Newsletter

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Mission, Vision and Guiding Principles – March 2022

The CWA Hamilton & Burlington Advisory Team have developed and approved the Mission, Vision and Guiding Principles for the chapter. This will be posted under our “About Us” page and is also available as a download here.

Pilot Handbook – March 2022

Our Pilot Handbook can be found here.

March 2022 Newsletter

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